Loudoun County Superintendent Fired for Mishandling Sexual Assaults

Following an investigation by a special grand jury into the handling of two sexual assaults, the Loudoun County School Board dismissed Superintendent Scott Zeigler.

A special grand jury's findings on how the Loudoun County Public School District handled two sexual assaults that were perpetrated on school property by the same student was made public on Monday.

The district had “failed at every juncture.” according to the study, and was more concerned with its own interests than those of its children.

The father of one of the victims said the district covered up his daughter's sexual assault during a school board meeting last year. The culprit was sent to a different school after the event, when he attacked a female once more and was charged in both incidents.

Due to his outburst, the father was detained and found guilty of two misdemeanours in a District Court. He was given a 10-day prison term, and after appealing his convictions in Circuit Court, his case was dismissed.

Zeigler had rejected the assault at the board hearing, claiming that“the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist.”

Zeigler was fired as a consequence of the investigation. Eight suggestions were also made for the district to improve communication, transparency, and school safety.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Oann.

Written by Staff Reports

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