MacCallum Scorches Dem Strategist over Biden’s Border Blunders

Fox News host Martha MacCallum took no prisoners as she grilled a Democratic strategist on President Joe Biden’s lackluster response to the ongoing illegal immigration crisis. Biden’s refusal to take decisive action and reliance on Congress to handle the situation has left many scratching their heads. MacCallum, armed with facts and fire, demanded answers from the Democratic side, highlighting the President’s failure to lead on a critical national security issue.

In true liberal fashion, the Democratic strategist dodged and weaved, failing to provide a clear solution to the border crisis. Instead of acknowledging Biden’s shortcomings, the strategist opted to spout off about the three branches of government and the need for legislative action. Typical liberal deflection tactics at play here, folks. It’s no wonder MacCallum was left exasperated and unsatisfied with the responses she received.

The tragic murder of nursing student Laken Riley, allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant, has sparked renewed criticism of Biden’s lax border policies. Republicans are rightfully holding the President accountable for failing to secure the border and protect American citizens. It’s high time Biden takes meaningful action to address the crisis at hand, rather than passing the buck to Congress.

With millions of encounters along the southern border in recent years, the urgency of the situation cannot be ignored. Biden’s ineptitude is on full display, and it’s clear that his lack of leadership is exacerbating an already dire situation. The American people deserve better than empty promises and excuses. It’s time for Biden to step up and do his job to protect our borders and keep our communities safe.

Written by Staff Reports

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