Mainstream Media Smears Ron DeSantis With Fear Mongering Attack

Once again, a mainstream media writer has taken aim at a Republican governor, this time Florida’s own Ron DeSantis, and penned a fear-mongering piece that criticizes and delegitimizes his policies. In a column for The Guardian, the former Washington Post writer Margaret Sullivan, accuses DeSantis of implementing a “right-wing agenda,” despite the fabulous results that his efforts have achieved for Floridians.

Sullivan goes on to criticize the media for “fawning” over DeSantis, yet offers no examples of any such occurrence. Sullivan must have missed the countless hit pieces that have been published about DeSantis in mainstream media outlets across the country. And while she suggests that reporters should be digging into the governor’s policies, she fails to acknowledge that many conservative journalists have already done so and have found them to be both prudent and effective.

As such, the mainstream media seems to be too preoccupied with attacking DeSantis and overlooking the positive impact of his policies on Floridians. Sadly, this is all too typical of the liberal media’s coverage of conservative leaders. They would rather engage in performative anti-woke nonsense rather than focusing on critical issues, such as DeSantis’ pro-worker policies.

In conclusion, Sullivan’s fear-mongering and sensationalist tactics are emblematic of a mainstream media that has lost touch with balanced reporting and objective journalism. Instead of being skeptical of DeSantis, reporters should give credit where it is due, and commend him for his admirable efforts to help the state of Florida prosper.

Written by Staff Reports

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