Majority of Voters See Through Media’s Cover-Up of Biden’s Mental Decline

A Rasmussen Reports survey reveals that 57 percent of voters perceive President Joe Biden's cognitive decline despite media efforts to conceal it. Additionally, 60 percent believe the media collaborates with the president to cover up his mental lapses. The survey directly addressed whether voters think Biden is losing his mental sharpness, with the majority agreeing.

Interestingly, nearly half of black voters and a majority of Hispanic voters also believe Biden is experiencing cognitive decline. Even among Democrats, there is significant acknowledgment of this issue. 


Regarding media manipulation, 60 percent of voters recognize the media's attempts to hide Biden's decline, with 46 percent being particularly certain about this. Only 25 percent trust the media's portrayal of Biden's mental state.

The survey indicates a significant drop in the media's credibility, with many people no longer trusting corporate media due to perceived bias and misinformation. If the media were to discover evidence of electoral fraud by Biden, most believe they would cover it up, further damaging their credibility.

In conclusion, the public is increasingly aware of what they see as media deception regarding Biden's cognitive health. The rise of new media has contributed to this shift in public perception, signaling a decline in trust in traditional media sources.

Written by Staff Reports

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