Americans Hold Onto Cars Longer Due to Biden Policies and Rising Costs

Americans are holding onto their cars longer than ever before, with the average age of a car on the road at a record 12.6 years. This trend is driven by factors such as the government’s disruptions due to COVID-19, high inflation under the Biden administration, and rising interest rates. Consumers are becoming skeptical of automakers’ new offerings, citing issues like complicated technology, finicky systems, and unwanted features. Some even long for older car features like CD players and manual transmissions.

The state of California’s stringent electric vehicle mandates are also contributing to consumer doubts. With Presidentish Joe Biden’s remote kill-switch mandate looming in 2026, some Americans fear losing control over their vehicles. This has led to a growing sentiment of holding onto old cars for as long as possible, reminiscent of practices in Cuba.

In a similar vein, the recent Star Wars series “The Acolyte” on Disney+ has faced criticism for being overly woke and poorly written. This is indicative of a broader problem in Hollywood, where costly failures are becoming more common. The emphasis on pleasing fans, or rather customers, is crucial for the entertainment industry’s survival. Consumers expect good value for their money and are less likely to support subpar content.

Both the auto industry and Hollywood serve as examples of industries that have lost touch with their customer base. From unwanted car regulations to lackluster movie offerings, the common thread is a disconnect between companies and consumers. It is essential for businesses to remember that customers hold the power and should be prioritized in all decision-making processes.

In the face of increasing government intervention and industry missteps, Americans must assert their role as citizens in a constitutional republic. Holding authorities accountable and demanding transparency is crucial to maintaining a balance of power. Whether through peaceful means of change or more drastic measures, it is imperative for individuals to remind Washington and big corporations that they ultimately answer to the people.

Written by Staff Reports

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