Manchin Blasts Biden for Border Anarchy: “It’s Joe’s Fault!”

On Tuesday, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia appeared on the Fox News Channel’s “Your World” and did not hold back in placing the blame for the border crisis squarely on Joe Biden’s shoulders. According to Manchin, the current administration has had bad policies on the issue “from day one” and has allowed the border to be “unbelievably overrun.” Manchin emphasized that Biden’s approach of wanting to help as many people as possible has led to the disastrous situation at the border, and that the President “waited too long” to take action on the issue.

Manchin didn’t mince words when he declared, “The border crises that we have are Joe Biden’s fault.” He suggested that the Biden administration’s explanation for their border policies, which attributed the chaos to the global upheaval caused by the pandemic, did not excuse the situation. Manchin specifically called out the catch and release policy as “horrible,” and criticized the administration for not addressing the problem sooner. He stressed the urgency of fixing the crisis and urged both Democrats and Republicans to come together to find a solution.

In a no-holds-barred interview, Manchin pulled no punches in assigning blame to the current administration. His statements reflect a growing dissatisfaction among conservative voices with the handling of the border crisis and the urgency for prompt and effective action to address the situation. It’s clear that for Manchin and many of his fellow Republicans, the burden of responsibility for the border crisis falls squarely on the shoulders of the Biden administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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