McCarthy Steps Up for Israel: Invites Netanyahu to Congress After Biden’s Snub.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has once again proven that he is a true leader by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington, D.C. after Joe Biden’s White House snubbed him. McCarthy made the announcement in an interview with Israel Hayom and declared that Netanyahu is “a dear friend” of the United States and the perfect candidate for a meeting with Congress.

“The fact that Joe Biden refused to invite the Israeli prime minister to the White House is a slap in the face to our closest ally in the Middle East,” McCarthy said. “It is disgraceful that Joe Biden would rather bow to far-left anti-Israel radicals than stand with the Israeli people.”

The White House called the Israeli government requesting that they reach a compromise, but McCarthy suggests that Joe Biden should be the one to compromise.

“It is not Joe Biden’s place to meddle in the internal affairs of our allies. The Israeli people have spoken, and they have chosen to stand with Benjamin Netanyahu. Joe Biden must not try to undermine their democratic process.”

McCarthy even extended an invitation to Israeli President Isaac Herzog to come and speak before both chambers of Congress in June. This is not the first time that McCarthy has gone above and beyond to show his support for Israel and its leaders. Earlier this year, when Netanyahu was ousted as prime minister, McCarthy quickly issued a statement saying it was a “disgraceful move by the Israeli left.”

It is time for Joe Biden to wake up and smell the coffee. Israel is a key ally of the United States, and it is unacceptable for the president of the United States to treat them with anything less than the respect they deserve. Kevin McCarthy has once again proven that he is the true leader of Congress, standing up for America’s friends and making sure that they have a voice in Washington.

Written by Staff Reports

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