McCarthy’s Exit Plan? Shocking Photo Bolsters Runaway Rumor!

In a surprising twist, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy may be plotting revenge against the GOP by quitting. This speculation comes from congressional insiders, who point to a photo from McCarthy’s office as evidence. The photo, posted on Instagram, shows McCarthy’s dogs “helping out” at the office, but what’s striking is how empty the office appears. With just a few framed certificates and plaques, some photos, an iMac, and even a mounted deer’s head, it seems like McCarthy is cleaning out his desk and getting ready to move on.

This sentiment is further supported by McCarthy’s private messages to fundraisers, where he allegedly expressed his desire to “get the hell out.” And even in public, McCarthy has hinted at his potential departure. At The New York Times’ DealBook summit, he spoke about California’s filing deadline for the 2024 election and said, “I have to know if I’m going to walk away, that I’m going to be fine with walking away.”

For McCarthy, quitting would be the ultimate revenge against the GOP, particularly after he faced a reduced role within the party and burned bridges on his way out. The slim majority the GOP holds in the House of Representatives played a role in McCarthy’s downfall as speaker, and he likely isn’t thrilled with the prospect of being a rank-and-file member. Additionally, McCarthy has faced criticism for trying to undermine potential successors and for allegedly elbowing a former ally who voted against him.

While a disgruntled former speaker hanging around isn’t ideal, it may be better for McCarthy to make a clean break and transition to a different role, such as a lobbyist or media commentator. However, the potential consequence of McCarthy’s departure is giving more power to California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. With another Republican representative likely to be ousted over ethics violations, Newsom could hold McCarthy’s seat open if he resigns, and that’s not a result the GOP wants to see.

All eyes are now on McCarthy as he weighs his options and decides whether to make good on his potential revenge by leaving Congress.

Written by Staff Reports

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