McEnany Roasts Biden Over Feeble Response to Hamas Israel Attack

A recent article criticizes President Biden's response to the violent attacks by Hamas on Israel, characterizing it as lacking and muddled. It highlights several instances where his response was deemed inadequate.

It's mentioned that it took several hours before President Biden addressed the situation, even as the violence continued in Israel. The State Department issued an initial statement that called for all sides to refrain from violence but quickly deleted it due to public outrage. Biden eventually issued a written statement and made brief remarks, revealing that he hadn't taken calls on the matter until hours after the attack began.

Following these initial responses, there was a notable period of silence from President Biden. Reports emerged that he and First Lady Jill Biden were hosting a barbecue in the Rose Garden. On Monday, he concluded his workday before noon, raising concerns about his handling of the situation. It was later revealed that he spent parts of Sunday and Monday being interviewed about his alleged mishandling of classified documents. President Biden didn't address the nation until Tuesday afternoon, and even then, he failed to acknowledge or condemn Iran's role in the attacks.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany criticized Biden for his 72-hour absence from the public eye while American hostages remained in Gaza. She expressed outrage over the innocent lives lost and the gruesome attacks, questioning why Biden didn't address the nation during this critical time. She called his behavior despicable and emphasized the lack of mention of Iran and his failure to take meaningful action.

Host Jesse Watters echoed McEnany's concerns and expressed worry that Biden might pivot away from the issue and prioritize other matters. McEnany agreed, suggesting that Biden's focus appeared to be on winning the next election and appeasing the left flank of his party. She also expressed concerns that the media could eventually turn against Israel, and Biden might follow suit.

The article concludes by lamenting the lack of leadership and prioritization from President Biden during this crisis. It predicts that Biden may pivot away from the issue, as the next election is still over a year away. The hope for Biden to rise to the occasion and effectively address the situation seems unlikely, given his delayed initial response to the attacks.

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