Media Fact Checks Can’t Hide Biden’s Ongoing Public Missteps and Aging Concerns

The liberal media is at it again, this time trying to cover up for President Biden’s ongoing blunders by targeting anyone who dares to question his ability to lead. The Associated Press (AP) recently fact-checked a video showing former President Obama guiding Biden off stage after a moment of confusion, citing just one anonymous source to justify their narrative.

Biden’s own aides have been on the defensive, lashing out at any coverage that shines a light on his age-related gaffes and moments of bizarre confusion. From freezing on stage to wandering off alone in Europe, the videos speak for themselves, yet the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has the audacity to dismiss them as “cheap fakes” created in “bad faith.”

Despite Jean-Pierre’s attempts to brush off concerns about Biden’s mental acuity, the truth remains clear to those paying attention. Even the AP’s fact check, relying solely on a single source, couldn’t spin the reality of Biden’s public mishaps. The attempt to downplay Biden’s visible stumbles only further exposes the desperation within his inner circle.

The White House’s feeble excuses and the media’s complicity in shielding Biden from scrutiny only fuel speculation about his fitness to serve. With polls showing a majority of voters questioning Biden’s capacity to endure a second term, it’s no wonder the administration is scrambling to control the narrative. However, no amount of spin can erase the images of a president struggling to maintain composure on the world stage.

As the Biden camp continues to dodge questions and deflect blame, conservatives remain vigilant in holding them accountable. The truth may be uncomfortable for some, but it’s essential to ensure transparency and honesty in our political leadership. Biden’s missteps may be a punchline for late-night comedians, but they’re a serious concern for the future of our nation. The American people deserve better than to be gaslit by those entrusted with the highest office in the land.

Written by Staff Reports

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