Media Fries Kate Middleton, Ignores Hunter’s Art & Biden’s Botox!

This week, the media made a royal blunder by pulling a photo of Kate Middleton and her kids, claiming it was digitally altered. Well, that’s quite the royal mess-up, going after the beloved Princess of Wales like that. Why don’t they focus on real news, like Hunter Biden’s latest art “masterpiece”?

Kate Middleton, always classy, took the fall and apologized for the whole hullabaloo. Sorry you had to deal with this, Kate – our friends across the pond should really be more concerned with Prince Harry’s questionable Netflix deals than nitpicking at edited photos.

And speaking of editing photos, seems like the media has a thing for it. Remember that time the White House got caught Photoshopping images of President Biden to make him seem like he’s still in his prime? Come on, folks, we all know he’s no spring chicken. Let’s leave the digital fantasy for Hollywood, not the Oval Office.

It’s no surprise that the Biden White House is playing fast and loose with the images. But let’s focus on the real issues at hand, like gas prices skyrocketing faster than Joe’s approval ratings or Kamala Harris’ disappearing act when it comes to the border crisis. Now there’s some photoshop-worthy material!

All this fuss over a little photo manipulation – how about we focus on the real problems facing our nation? I’m sure the Queen would agree that there are bigger fish to fry than pixelated pictures. Let’s leave the drama to Buckingham Palace and start addressing the issues that actually matter.

Written by Staff Reports

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