Media Spins Debate Rules to Favor Biden, Yet Claims He’s at a Disadvantage

The anticipation for the upcoming debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is growing, but there are already doubts about whether it will even happen. The mainstream media seems to be particularly uneasy about it.

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner expressed concern that Trump is being held to a lower standard than Biden for the debates, suggesting that the bar for Biden is set much higher. This narrative of Biden facing a “structural disadvantage” is being pushed, despite Trump’s previous remarks about Biden’s abilities. 


It’s interesting to note that the rules for the debate were actually set by Biden’s campaign, seemingly to his benefit. Yet, there are already preemptive excuses being made for any potential underwhelming performance by Biden. The lack of an audience, shortened time frame, and other rules favored by Biden have not stopped claims of his disadvantage.

The media narrative continues to paint Biden as the underdog in this debate scenario, despite the circumstances being largely influenced by his own campaign. It will be no surprise if, regardless of the actual outcome, the media spins it as a victory for Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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