Mediaite Caught Fabricating News to Undermine Trump Vice President Search

A leftist rag known as Mediaite has been caught red-handed spreading fake news about Senator J.D. Vance in a pathetic attempt to meddle in Donald Trump’s search for a vice presidential candidate. Mediaite’s headline falsely claimed that Vance believed Trump’s sexual assault accuser during a 2016 MSNBC interview. However, a look at the actual transcript shows that Mediaite’s narrative is as believable as a Bigfoot sighting.

During the interview with Chris Matthews, Vance merely pointed out the obvious – that the situation was a “he said/she said” scenario and questioned who should be believed. Vance’s comments were not a ringing endorsement of the accuser, as Mediaite shamelessly insinuated. This is just another example of the left-wing media twisting the truth to fit their anti-Trump agenda.

What’s even more appalling is that the author of the hit piece, Colby Hall, failed to reach out to Vance for comment before publishing the story. Hall’s sloppy journalism and blatant misrepresentation of Vance’s words are a disgrace to the profession. In fact, Hall even confessed in a conversation with Vance’s team that he “surmised” what Vance meant, rather than presenting the facts accurately. It’s clear that Mediaite is more interested in pushing a narrative than reporting the truth.

This incident is part of a broader pattern of the mainstream media’s desperation to sabotage Trump’s choice of Vance as his running mate. With outlets like the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal also taking shots at Vance, it’s obvious that the establishment is running scared. But their deceitful tactics only serve to expose their bias and further alienate conservative voters. The American people see through these dirty tricks, and come election time, they will make their voices heard.

Written by Staff Reports

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