Media’s Laughable Brzezinski Defense of Biden Exposes Stunning Decline!

In a stunningly hilarious and sad defense of Joe Biden, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski placed the blame for all of Biden’s mishaps on his staff, rather than on Biden himself. According to Brzezinski, it’s the job of the staff to “wrap him in a bubble” and protect him from any potential embarrassment. Apparently, Biden bears no responsibility for his actions and it’s up to his team of caretakers to guide him through the day.

Brzezinski went on to admonish Biden’s staff, saying, “I don’t think they do a good job helping out the president…” She even suggested that they were responsible for Biden’s various falls and missteps, stating, “you sure as hell better make sure he doesn’t fall on a sandbag.” It’s as if Brzezinski believes that Biden is incapable of walking without constant supervision and that his staff must hold his hand everywhere he goes.

But let’s not forget that Biden is the President of the United States, not a fragile toddler in need of constant monitoring. It’s truly absurd to suggest that his staff should be blamed for his every stumble. Biden is responsible for his own actions and his staff can only do so much to cover up his mistakes.

It’s clear that Brzezinski wants Biden’s staff to do a better job of covering up his problems and not being transparent with the American people. This is the sad state of affairs in today’s liberal media, where the truth is buried and excuses are made for a president who can’t even navigate a stage without help.

But let’s be real here, Biden’s staff has a nearly impossible task. They have to constantly spin, backtrack, and justify all of his gaffes and blunders. They’re forced to cut off the media and shield Biden from answering tough questions. And now we’re hearing reports that he yells and abuses them too. It’s no wonder that working for Biden must be one of the worst jobs in the world.

Brzezinski’s attack on Biden’s staff is a shameful attempt to shift the blame away from Biden himself. It’s not their fault that he struggles with basic tasks and can’t even remember the names of world leaders. Instead of pointing fingers at his team, maybe Brzezinski should consider whether Biden is truly fit for the office he holds. It’s clear that he needs caretakers, but should those caretakers be running the country?

The sad truth is that the liberal media has fallen so far from its original purpose of challenging those in power. Instead, they’ve become sycophants for the Democrats, willing to excuse any and all mistakes made by their chosen leaders. The days of tough questioning and holding the powerful accountable are long gone. And it’s a shame for the American people who deserve better. It’s time for the media to step up and do their job, rather than serving as cheerleaders for the left.

Written by Staff Reports

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