Megyn Kelly Blasts Columbia Protesters as Unattractive and Dumb

Megyn Kelly, a conservative commentator, criticized the student protesters at Columbia University. In her podcast, she urged parents not to send their children to the university, saying it would turn them into far-left activists who don’t care about learning. She also questioned the appearance and intelligence of the protesters, calling them “unattractive” and “dumb.”

Kelly suggested that smart and attractive people are not interested in participating in such protests, and she referred to the protesters as “cupcakes” and “snowflakes.” She also made comments about the protesters’ appearance, stating that only unattractive or dumb people would take part in the occupation of Columbia’s Hamilton Hall.

Furthermore, she joked about sending “cover-up” and “Ozempic,” a prescription medication, to the protesters, implying that it would be a more beneficial use of resources for them.

In summary, Kelly’s remarks reflected her belief that the protesters were misguided and unattractive individuals who were not driven by intelligence or positive intentions. Her comments highlighted her disdain for the protests and her perception of the type of people involved in them.

Written by Staff Reports

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