Megyn Kelly SHOCKS Gun Control Advocates with STUNNING Response

Following the devastating shooting at a school in Nashville that resulted in the deaths of three children and three adults, Megyn Kelly, a conservative podcast host, is responding to gun control supporters who are using the incident to advocate for more gun control measures. Kelly's perspective is that rather than attributing the tragedy to guns, we should examine the reasons behind the shooter's behavior.

At the start of her SiriusXM radio show, Kelly acknowledged the tragic shooting that took place, where a single individual shot and killed three nine-year-olds and three school administrators. She proceeded to voice her disapproval towards those who are demanding stricter gun control laws, expressing her frustration with the immediate and automatic response to blame guns for such incidents. Instead, she pointed out that there is a deeper societal issue at play.

Kelly believes that instead of focusing on gun control, we should be looking at what caused the shooter to snap and why they weren’t stopped before they committed such a heinous act. She said, “We must take a honest, straightforward look at what is wrong with us. We can examine what's going on in the case of this woman — trans person, she's a biological woman — and determine what caused this individual to snap. But we experience this repeatedly. We analyze the circumstances that led this person or that person to commit the offense, but we make no changes. Okay? We make no changes.”

Kelly believes that we should be looking into ways to make it easier to civilly commit people who are showing signs that they may be the next school shooter. She said, “Yes, I believe we need to examine mental health and also institutionalization in great detail. We must make it easier to civilly commit individuals who exhibit red flags indicating they may be the next school shooter.”

The tragedy in Nashville is yet another example of why gun control is not the answer when it comes to preventing mass shootings. Instead of pushing for more gun control, we should be looking at ways to identify and help those who are showing signs of mental illness before they can commit such a heinous act. Megyn Kelly is right when she says that we need to take a serious, honest look at what’s wrong with our society and focus on finding solutions that will help prevent these tragedies from happening in the future. As conservatives, we must continue to fight against those who are using tragedies like this one to push their own political agenda and focus on finding real solutions that will help protect our children and our communities.

Written by Staff Reports

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