Migrant Invasion: From Buses to Planes in LA? Mayor Bass in Panic Mode!

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass is sounding the alarm bells about a potential new threat to her beloved sanctuary city. In an interview with Axios, the Democrat politician expressed her concern that busloads of migrants could soon be replaced by planes full of individuals seeking sanctuary. Yes, you heard that right – planes! It seems that Mayor Bass is not only worried about Texas and Florida sending buses to Los Angeles but is now fearing the sky might open up and rain down migrants upon her city.

Now, I’m no fan of Hurricane Hillary, but even I have to question the logic of blaming Governor Greg Abbott’s actions during a natural disaster for the influx of migrants in Los Angeles. Bass criticized the busing program that sent a bus to the city during the hurricane, conveniently forgetting that the storm had long passed by the time the bus made it. It seems like a stretch, even for a Democrat, to blame a bus that arrived a day late for a hurricane that was already gone.

But that’s not all – Mayor Bass admitted that she thinks border states are intentionally sending migrants to cities like Los Angeles to embarrass them. Finally, some honesty from a Democrat! It’s clear that there is a political agenda at play here. They want to make it seem like Democratic-led cities can’t handle the influx of migrants and are descending into chaos. Well, Mayor Bass, it’s not just some conspiracy theory cooked up by Republicans. It’s the reality on the ground.

ABC 7 reported that a 13th bus of migrants arrived from Texas last Saturday, courtesy of the Lone Star State’s Operation Lone Star. Under this initiative, Texas has been sending buses to Los Angeles since June. Over 500 people have already arrived in the city through this program. The fact that Texas is taking action to alleviate the burden on the border should be commended, not criticized.

But Mayor Bass seems more concerned about how this situation plays into the next presidential election. It’s all about political posturing for her. Well, let me tell you something, Mayor Bass. What’s chaotic is failing to enforce our immigration laws and allowing cities like Los Angeles to become overrun with migrants. It’s time for leaders like you to put aside your partisan games and start prioritizing the safety and well-being of American citizens.

So, as we brace ourselves for the possibility of migrant-laden airplanes descending upon Los Angeles, one thing is clear – the situation at the border is far from under control. It’s time for strong conservative leadership to step in and tackle this crisis head-on. And let’s hope that Mayor Bass and her Democratic counterparts can put aside their political agendas long enough to recognize the seriousness of the situation.

Written by Staff Reports

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