Migrants Breach Texas Wire Barrier Again, Taken into Custody by Border Patrol

A large group of people entered the United States illegally by cutting through a wire barrier that had been set up by the Texas National Guard, as reported by KFOX 14. The wire was installed along the Rio Grande River, near a high school in southern Texas. The illegal immigrants, who came from countries such as Venezuela, Guatemala, and Honduras, were taken into custody by the Border Patrol and are expected to face removal proceedings.

This incident is not an isolated event, as just last month, over 100 individuals also tried to enter the United States unlawfully by rushing a border wall and breaking through razor wire, according to the New York Post. In a video, a group was seen pulling fencing away and dashing through the wire, as guards stood in a defensive formation to prevent them from entering. Despite the guards’ efforts, some individuals managed to get through and started shouting at the guards on the other side.

The Border Patrol has emphasized that individuals and families who try to enter the United States without authorization will be removed and may face criminal prosecution. This approach aims to deter illegal immigration and maintain the integrity of the country’s borders. The Texas National Guard and other security forces play a crucial role in protecting the border and ensuring that immigration laws are upheld.

These events highlight the ongoing challenges faced by border enforcement authorities and the importance of addressing immigration issues. The government’s commitment to enforcing immigration laws and protecting the border is essential to safeguarding the security and sovereignty of the United States.

Written by Staff Reports

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