Millennials Abandon Radical Dems, Shift Right: What’s Behind the Red Wave Surge?

As the Democratic Party continues to embrace its radical progressive agenda, young Americans are moving further and further away from it. Nate Cohn, a New York Times journalist, found that millennials are increasingly turning to the Republican Party.

Gone are the days when being a liberal meant selling flowers along the highway and burning your bra. Today’s liberalism is about supporting LGBTQ propaganda and being blindly led by an ageing president who can hardly remember where he is.

The study found that almost half of those born between 1980 and 1984 vote for the Republican Party in presidential elections, a shift that has been happening since 2012. Even younger millennials born between 1985 and 1994 are showing definitive movements towards right-wing politics.

Rainbows, once a symbol of peace and equality, have become mere virtue-signaling for those on the far-left. Companies have bowed to woke demands, changing their logos and branding for fear of upsetting the radical Left. The Democratic Party has abandoned its defining principles, leaving many millennials feeling politically homeless.

According to The Times, just half of millennials who backed Obama supported President Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Further data demonstrated that the Democrats’ brand has become increasingly unpopular, and the party is in trouble.

Cohn posits that voters are turning to the Republicans because of their colorblind approach to race and their rejection of the establishment. Meanwhile, the Democrats are winning voters with their outdated claims around issues like Iraq and same-sex marriage.

It is clear that young Americans are moving away from the radical, progressive agenda espoused by the Democratic Party. As they realize the true cost and consequences of far-left ideology, we can expect to see more and more young people joining the Republican Party.

Written by Staff Reports

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