Minors’ Liberation: Taming Traffickers with Tougher Sentences in California!

In a twist of fate, SB 14, which would make human trafficking of minors a felony in California, could be considered for a floor vote in the Assembly. This bill had been placed in a tight spot due to the potential fiscal impact of its passage, but it now has a chance to become law if the Appropriations Committee of the Assembly approves it.

The California Senate passed SB 14 on a unanimous vote. It has been supported by various groups, including law enforcement agencies, faith organizations, and corporations such as UPS. It is clear that this bill is needed to protect the state's most vulnerable individuals.

Before the bill was brought to a floor vote, Isaac Bryan, the Assembly Majority Leader, expressed his concerns about its passage. However, after the bill was widely publicized, prominent Republicans and Democrats from the Assembly rallied behind it.

During the summer recess, Senator Shannon Grove of California made sure that she got in touch with many of the Assembly's members to let them know about the bill. She was able to secure the support of over 60 co-authors, which is a strong indication that the bill has a good chance of becoming law.

Regardless of one's political affiliation, the overwhelming support for SB 14 has been shown by the voters in California. It is a common-sense measure aimed at protecting our kids from the evils of human trafficking.

Senator Grove's words have been widely shared by the people who care about protecting children. She said that if she were to ask the voters of California, if sex trafficking of minors was a serious crime, most of them would support making it a felony. This is a moment of unity in a divisive political climate.

Written by Staff Reports

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