Missing J6 Files or Cover-Up? GOP Pursues Vanished Evidence!

The sneaky and underhanded January 6 Committee strikes again, folks! The committee conveniently “lost” over 100 encrypted files right before the Republicans were set to take charge of the House. Coincidence? We think not! Chair of the House Administration Committee’s Oversight Subcommittee Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) exposed this bombshell revelation on Monday, and let’s just say, it’s not a good look for the left.

Now, these missing files are no ordinary documents. Oh no, they could potentially contain information that the radical left wanted to use against our beloved former President Donald Trump. That’s right, folks, you heard it here first. Fani Willis, the Fulton County district attorney, was reportedly in cahoots with the committee to gather dirt on President Trump. And you won’t believe what happened next – they conveniently made those files disappear! It’s like a bad magic act, but instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, they’re making evidence vanish into thin air.

But wait, there’s more. The committee had the audacity to tell lawmakers that they “lost” or simply didn’t have a lot of the information they gathered during their January 6 hearings. So let’s get this straight – they gathered information, possibly used it to go after Trump, and then oops, it disappears into the ether? Sounds fishy to us!

And who’s leading the charge in uncovering the truth? None other than the tenacious Barry Loudermilk. He’s not letting the left off the hook that easily. Loudermilk’s forensics team found that 117 files mysteriously went missing on January 1, 2023. And get this – they suspect the committee either purposefully deleted or encrypted the files. Well, well, well, what do we have here? It sure sounds like someone’s trying to cover their tracks.

But fear not, fellow patriots, because Loudermilk is ready to blow the lid off this whole charade. He’s demanding the passwords for those encrypted files, and for good reason. Those files could hold interviews and depositions that don’t fit the committee’s anti-Trump narrative. It’s like the ultimate game of hide and seek, but this time, it’s the truth that’s playing hard to get.

And let’s not forget about the supposed collusion between the committee and Willis. Some brave Republicans are speaking out about how this collaboration was all part of a shady plan to keep the truth about Trump out of sight. The left’s desperate attempt to bury any evidence that could help exonerate our great President Trump is despicable, to say the least.

So, as the dust settles and the left scrambles to cover their tracks, we have a fearless warrior in Barry Loudermilk leading the charge for truth and justice. Stay tuned, dear readers, because this political drama is far from over. And you better believe we’ll be here, shining a light on the dark corners where the left is trying to hide their devious deeds.

Written by Staff Reports

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