Missouri AG Sues to Crush Biden’s Costly Debt Dodge

On Tuesday, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, a courageous figure recognized and supported by all working Missourians, initiated legal proceedings against President Joe Biden and the Department of Education in opposition to the White House's nefarious strategy regarding the cancellation of student loans. Bailey, in conjunction with six other states represented by leaders who possess unwavering resolve, is determined to thwart Biden's cunning plan to saddle diligent taxpayers with the financial burden of others' college debts.

Bailey issued an audacious proclamation certain to elicit shivers down the spines of liberal elites: "Joe Biden is endeavoring to impose a $500 trillion college debt burden on working Missourians with the stroke of his pen." Without the explicit consent of Congress, the President is not authorized to unilaterally "cancel" student loan debt for millions of Americans, as stated in the United States Constitution. The President is not permitted to circumvent the Constitution for the sake of advancing his political agenda. By requiring others to assume their obligations, he is blatantly attempting to curry favor with some citizens. To stop this, I am filing suit."

Following last year's U.S. Supreme Court ruling against another of Biden's endeavors to cancel student debt, this audacious move follows the White House's shameless attempt to "force teachers, truckers, and farmers to pay for the student loan debt of other Americans — to the enormous tune of $430 billion," according to Bailey. The majority of the Supreme Court ostensibly recognized the ruse and ruled that the Biden administration cannot unilaterally alter enormous portions of the American economy. Biden appears to be oblivious to this ruling, boasting that "the Supreme Court thwarted it." It was cordoned off. Nevertheless, that failed to deter me."

Bailey, who opposes the Goliath of the Biden administration as a genuine David, is not alone in this valiant struggle. Attorney General of Kansas Kris Kobach, a fellow Republican combatant, has led a coalition of eleven state attorneys general in filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration. Kobach unequivocally declared that the Biden administration intends to "donate to the wealthy while robbing the poor" and requiring those who have not attended college or put in significant effort to foot the bill for the extravagant debts of others.

Bailey is not solely advocating for student creditors; rather, he is denouncing the Biden administration for a series of excessive actions, such as unconstitutional vaccine requirements and detrimental regulations imposed on energy producers. Clearly, this pertains to more than just student loans; it also involves restraining an administration that believes it is exempt from the law.

Biden's deceitful debt scheme seeks to invalidate accrued interest on student loans for a staggering 23 million debt holders, completely discharge the student debt of approximately four million borrowers, and ultimately provide 10 million individuals with $5,000 in debt relief. The Biden administration has brazenly paraded across the nation to promote this debt cancellation plan, with Biden and other high-ranking officials making public appearances. However, there is cause for optimism: the attorneys general of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oklahoma have joined Bailey's lawsuit, indicating that this battle will continue for the foreseeable future.

As expected, the Department of Education declined to comment on the pending litigation, but rest assured that they will continue to advocate for student debt relief. Despite the Biden-Harris Administration's persistent assertions regarding its efforts to rectify the "broken" student loan system, it is evident to ordinary Americans that they will continue to advocate for assistance and relief for borrowers, despite the persistent opposition from Republican elected officials.

Bailey and his valiant companions are resolutely opposing this oppressive encroachment; consequently, it is evident that the conflict has only just commenced. Americans and working Missourians alike can have confidence in the existence of leaders such as Bailey and Kobach who are committed to an unwavering struggle for moral principles.

Written by Staff Reports

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