Mitch McConnell Pushes On: Medical All-Clear Amid Freeze Fiascos

Mitch McConnell, the 81-year-old Senate Minority Leader, has received the green light from his medical team to continue with his busy schedule, despite experiencing another public freezing episode. Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician to Congress, consulted with McConnell and his neurology team before declaring him “medically clear” to proceed as planned. According to Dr. Monahan, occasional lightheadedness is expected during concussion recovery, and dehydration can also contribute to similar symptoms.

McConnell has had a string of health episodes in recent years. He suffered a concussion earlier this year after tripping, which was accompanied by a rib fracture. In 2019, he also tripped, resulting in a fractured shoulder. However, the most recent incident occurred during a question about his potential re-election bid in 2026. McConnell froze when asked the question, responding with confusion and blank stares. This follows a similar incident he had just last month.

While McConnell’s medical clearance was met with gratitude by many, conservative firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene took the opportunity to criticize him. Greene accused McConnell’s staff and family members of enabling him to stay in office merely for power. Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota echoed these sentiments, calling for term limits and basic human decency for members of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Despite the criticism, McConnell remains a seasoned politician with over three decades of experience in the Senate. While his freezing episodes raise concerns about his physical health, his medical team’s clearance indicates that he is still capable of handling his duties effectively. With the 2022 midterm elections approaching, McConnell’s future in politics continues to generate interest and speculation.

Written by Staff Reports

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