Montana Fights Drag Queen Story Hour: Kids’ Innocence Over Radical Left Agenda

In a move that has left conservatives across Montana cheering, the owners of an independent bookstore, a transgender woman (or should we say man? Can’t keep up with all the confusing gender stuff these days), an educator who apparently thinks it’s appropriate to teach while dressed in extravagant costumes, and a few businesses have teamed up to challenge Montana’s law banning drag queens from corrupting the minds of innocent children through the so-called “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Thank goodness someone is standing up for common sense!

According to the Associated Press (also known as the liberal propaganda machine), this motley crew of plaintiffs filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the law is a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s free speech protections and equal protection guarantees. Cue the eye rolls. These people just can’t seem to grasp that there’s a time and a place for everything, and a place full of impressionable young minds is certainly not the time for grown men in dresses to be promoting their agenda.

Leave it to Montana to lead the charge in protecting children from the clutches of the radical left. State Rep. Braxton Mitchell, a young and bright Republican legislator, drafted this important legislation. He aptly remarked, “In my humble opinion, there’s no such thing as a family-friendly drag show.” Thank you for speaking truth to power, Braxton! We couldn’t agree more.

Governor Greg Gianforte, another wise conservative leader, had the bravery to sign the bill into law. He understands that it is wildly inappropriate for young children, especially those in preschool and elementary school, to be exposed to sexualized content. Finally, someone in a position of power who is willing to prioritize the well-being and protection of our children over the desires of a small vocal minority.

But of course, those on the liberal side of the spectrum can never accept defeat gracefully. They have filed a lawsuit claiming that the bill is motivated by “anti-LGBTQ+ animus.” Oh please, spare us the melodrama. This is about protecting children, not about discriminating against anyone. These drag events may try to camouflage themselves as harmless entertainment, but we conservatives know better. We see through the façade and recognize the indoctrination that is taking place.

It’s heartening to know that Tennessee and Florida are also taking a stand against these morally questionable performances. While these states are facing their own legal challenges, we can only hope that they will stand strong and continue to protect children from unnecessary exposure to this kind of explicit content. It’s time we prioritize the innocence and well-being of our kids over the agenda of a few misguided individuals.

Let’s applaud Montana for leading the way and taking a stand against the harmful influence of drag queen story hours. It’s about time we start putting our children first and stop caving in to the demands of the radical left. May this lawsuit be swiftly dismissed, so our children can be protected from the clutches of those who would try to indoctrinate and corrupt them.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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