More Than Thirty Subpoenas Are Issued By The DOJ To Trump Associates: Source

Fox News revealed that the DOJ has sent over 30 subpoenas to former Trump advisers.

In the investigation into Trump's baseless assertions of a rigged 2020 election, the Justice Department confiscated two key Trump aides' phones.

The DOJ's scores of fresh subpoenas increase pressure on the Trump camp.

Trump lawyers oppose DOJ's request to continue using classified FBI documents throughout investigation.

The Justice Department is examining alleged fraudulent 2020 Electoral College certificates that said Republicans voted for Trump and Pence while Democrats won and voted for Biden and Harris.

Bernard Kerik's attorney said he was subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 23.

Justice didn't comment.

Trump's request to block Jan. 6 committee subpoenas is denied.

American Oversight reportedly got phoney papers from Republican would-be electors in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, Georgia, New Mexico, and Arizona.

DOJ officers are investigating Trump's accusations of a stolen election and the recent raid on Mar-a-lago, where secret materials were found.

Trump's legal team rejected the Justice Department's move to continue its study of secret materials collected by the FBI during its search of Mar-a-Lago last month. "unprecedented and misguided," and one that has "spiraled out of control," while stressing that the government has not yet proven that the records "remain classified."

In a brief Monday morning, Trump's legal team stated the Justice Department wants to "restrict the scope of any review of its investigation conduct and presume the conclusion".

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Fox News.

Written by Staff Reports

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