MSNBC Finally Fires This Insane Racist TV Host

MSNBC has reportedly fired Tiffany Cross, a racist and deranged host. She is the second racist on the network behind Joy Reid. Al Sharpton is still on, right? According to a report, Cross was let go after making several controversial remarks.

Cross has been a staple of the network for a long time, and she was warned multiple times that her recent outbursts fell below the company's standards. They even let Nicole Wallace talk like a conspiratorial nut on a regular basis, but she declared a civil war and urged Democrats to "pick up a weapon."

Cross called out minority Republican candidates earlier this year, stating that "faces of color do not always mean a voice of color." She also claimed that she is the arbiter of who gets to be a "voice" of color. In September, Cross made "justice correspondent" Elie Mystal a regular on her show, where he declared that "white people turn violent when they don't get their way."

Here's the snippet Cross Show:

Cross has been a staple of the network for a long time, and it's shocking that it took so long for her to get the boot. She has been delivering deranged commentary for years, and she became Joy Reid's mini-me on the network.

Reid's ratings are dreadful, and her show is no different from Cross'. Mystal has also been a regular guest on her show, and I believe that they are just waiting for her contract to expire so that they can treat her just like Cross. The far-left will then start crying racism, and everyone will have a good laugh.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

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