MURDOCK: The Truth Lies Largely Behind the Imagination of the Democrats’ Amnesiac

Democrats are able to forget their own guilt of the same action for which they accuse Republicans because of a new disease called strategic amnesia. Time adds to the effect of psychological projection.

Strategic-Amnesiac-in-Chief Joe Biden gave a recent destructive and controversial address in Philadelphia's Independence Hall exemplified this insanity.

Biden attacked the 74 million supporters of President Donald J. Trump, who call themselves "MAGA Republicans."

Biden yelled, They refuse to accept the outcome of a free election, a translation of his original German words. To paraphrase, They welcome anger. They require anarchy to function properly. They make their homes in the dark, rather than the sunshine of truth.

Biden showed his displeasure with the MAGA Republicans by shaking his hands at them and adding, they stir the flames of political violence that are a menace to our personal rights…

Biden's strategic amnesia made it difficult for him to recall how Democrats responded to the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, just as it had a similar effect on his fellow leftists.

Joe Biden and his Kameraden can look back on the rage, chaos, falsehoods, and bloodshed unleashed by Democrats after November 8, 2016 by reading Rigged.

The 2020 election, which Clinton was expected to win easily, is recounted in Mollie Hemingway's excellent book.

Many Democrats have formed a group called the Non-Acceptance Caucus, and they have condemned Trump as a fake leader.

I know he's an illegal president, Hillary said.
While speaking with NPR, former president Jimmy Carter stated, Trump didn't actually win the election in 2016.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) declared in his final press conference, The Russians cooperated in helping this man be elected.

As a result, Lewis and at least 66 other Democrats in the House skipped the ceremony in which Trump was sworn into office. The orderly transition of power, a pillar of American democracy, was spit on by them all.

Next, Democrats turned their attention to the Electoral College in an effort to cause turmoil there. Public service announcements for Americans Take Action featured stars like Martin Sheen and Noah Wyle. They demanded that Republican electors disobey the will of their constituents and reject Trump as president.

A number of Trump's electors, including Sharon Geise, Robert Graham, Ash Khare, and Rex Teter, were on the receiving end of thousands of harassing phone calls, emails, and even death threats from supporters of Hillary Clinton.

CNN quoted Michael Banerian, a Michigan elector: I've had folks talk about putting a bullet in the back of my mouth.

At the election-certification ceremony that took place in January 2017, seven House Democrats questioned Trump's electors from ten different states. These states included Alabama and Wyoming, both of which Trump won by a margin of 28.3% and 47.6%, respectively.

These Democrats had the ability to object thanks to the Constitution and the Electoral Count Act of 1887, just as Republicans will have the ability to challenge pro-Biden electors on January 6, 2021 thanks to the same two documents.

There were traffic jams from coast to coast as Hillary's supporters protested her loss. A few people started crying. Additional protesters held signs reading. We don't accept the president-elect.

People weren't yelling, Give peace a chance, either.

Mollie Hemingway reported that during the riots, garbage cans, cars, and a structure were set on fire in Oakland. They damaged property, assaulted law enforcement officers, and impeded traffic on a major highway.

David Wilcox was accosted by a mob in Chicago on November 9 and pulled along the side of his stolen Pontiac Bonneville while they shouted, You voted Trump! at him.

Three days later, Corey Cataldo was wearing a MAGA hat when an attacker on a Bronx subway train tried to strangle him for being another white Trump fan.

People quickly caught on that wearing a MAGA hat was a surefire way to get punched.

Some of the people who wore MAGA hats and supported Trump who were eventually attacked by Trump haters were Terry Pierce, Bryton Turner, Gunnar Johnson, Jonathan Sparks, Hunter Richard, Eugenior Joseph, and Jahangir Turan.

Michael Moore, a filmmaker known for his radical politics, called on his fellow lefties to disrupt the Inauguration.

Clearly, this message was received.

Additional violence broke out in the nation's capital on Inauguration Day, Hemingway noted. Rioters in all-black attire burned cars, flung bricks, and injured police, leading to hundreds of arrests.

These facts are being obscured by Team Biden's deliberate forgetfulness, but the right should exploit them to expose the leftist atrocities that they are committing.

The Republican Party must then remind the American people of the reasons why the Democrats' accumulating catastrophes (Biden's recession, high inflation, rising crime, "border" bedlam, "sustainable" blackouts, racial fetishism, sexed-up classrooms, etc.) justify the Democrats' elimination in November.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Headline USA.

Written by Staff Reports

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