NASA Silent on Eclipse’s Secret Color Show! Wear Red & Green!

Alright, kiddos, buckle up, ’cause here’s the scoop on the upcoming solar eclipse that’s gonna blow your little minds! NASA may be all about the science stuff, but they left out a crucial detail for enjoying the eclipse on Monday: wear your red and green gear, especially if you wanna amp up the visual show!

So, way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (okay, maybe not THAT long ago), this Czech scientist named Jan Evangelista Purkyně discovered something super cool. He noticed that when flowers basked in sunlight, they looked all bright and cheery, but as the light faded, their colors got darker. That’s when Jan wrote a big ol’ paper about how our eyes see colors differently when the lights go out.

Fast forward to modern times, NASA’s giving us the 411 that when the solar eclipse hits, our eyes will go through some major changes. This thing called the Purkinje effect kicks in and makes reds look dark and broody, while greens start popping like nobody’s business. It’s like a special lighting show just for your peepers! And get this – it’s all totally normal, thanks to how our eyes adjust to the dark.

Now, here’s the super important part: don’t go blind while checking out the eclipse! You’ll need those special glasses to protect your eyes. NASA’s been shouting it from the rooftops: unless you want to mess with your vision, slap on those certified solar viewing glasses or eclipse glasses. Don’t take any chances, folks – it’s your eyes we’re talking about!

And if you just can’t make it to the best eclipse watching spot, no worries! The awesome folks at are gonna stream the whole shebang live so you won’t miss a thing. So, put on those red and green duds, grab your eclipse glasses, and get ready for a show you won’t forget! And remember kiddos, science is cool, but protecting your peepers is even cooler!

Written by Staff Reports

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