NC Lt. Gov Robinson Faces Left-Wing Media Wrath Over Church Fundraiser

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Mark Robinson seems to be giving the left-wing media yet another case of the vapors. The Republican candidate for governor is catching flak for hosting a fundraiser with Word of Faith Fellowship, a devout religious group that’s donated a sizable sum to his campaign. Robinson’s ongoing engagements at churches spotlight his unwavering conservative Christian values, much to the dismay of progressives who find faith to be a four-letter word.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the mainstream media and Robinson’s opponent, Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein, to start clutching their pearls. The media is quick to dredge up decades-old accusations about the church, labeling it “cultlike” and alleging all manner of criminal behavior from financial fraud to child abuse. Some claims led to convictions of church leaders, something the left is delighted to remind voters.

Cue the uninspired outrage machine: Stein’s camp predictably calls the connection “disturbing but unsurprising,” as though Robinson is some kind of villain straight out of a comic book. The insinuation is clear—the left finds anyone of faith, especially someone who unapologetically champions conservative Christian values, to be “too extreme and dangerous.” Heaven forbid someone actually stand by their principles.

The church’s leaders, however, flatly deny the accusations. According to an Associated Press report in 2017, church founder Jane Whaley did know of three child abuse cases but allegedly did not report them. History tells us the left won’t let a good narrative go to waste. Whaley’s son-in-law, Frank Webster, and other church officials like Chris Back were allegedly involved in a cover-up during a social services investigation—claims Webster denies, noting that the State Bureau of Investigation concluded their innocence years ago. But let’s be honest, since when has innocence ever stopped the left from smearing someone?

Webster and Back are listed as major backers of Robinson’s upcoming event. A fact that would hardly cause a ripple if Robinson were fundraising with Planned Parenthood or George Soros. In predictably sweet irony, the left’s supposed champions of tolerance are quick to brand a faith-based community as criminal, all in a day’s work to discredit a conservative leader.

As Robinson continues to push through the media fog, one thing is clear: Faith and conservative values make the left shudder—and that’s all the more reason to celebrate them. Now, pass the popcorn because the liberal tears are just getting started.

Written by Staff Reports

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