New Texas Legislation Bans Trans Agenda From Public Schools

Bob Hall, a Republican from Texas, introduced legislation that would prohibit public schools from teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation.

A bill that would require schools to inform parents when their kids receive in-school services for various mental health issues or physical ailments is expected to pass in the next few weeks. It comes amid increasing concerns about the teaching and learning about sensitive topics such as gender identity.

The bill would allow parents to bring lawsuits against schools and employees if they have unresolved complaints about lessons that violate certain rules.

According to Bryan Slaton, a Republican state representative from Texas, the main goal of the party was to prevent the sexualization of kids.

He noted on his Twitter page that the state should be focused on preventing the sexualization of kids. He also said that there should be no pornography in schools and no drag shows.

In 2021, Florida became the second state to pass legislation that prohibits public schools from teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill sparked a national backlash. The term "Don't Say Gay" was adopted by various media outlets to refer to the legislation.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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