NEW Trump Video Promises To END “Neo-con Establishment”

On Thursday, former President Donald Trump made a video statement where he promised to put an end to the "globalist Neo-Con establishment" and urged for immediate peace in Ukraine. Trump also expressed his desire to dismantle this establishment that he believes constantly draws the country into never-ending wars, all while falsely portraying it as a fight for democracy and freedom abroad, leading to the country's downfall into a third-world nation and dictatorship.

The ex-president's message was a definite rallying cry for conservative Republicans who have been pushing for the dissolution of the globalist neo-con establishment. In his speech, Trump fervently implored for peaceful resolution in Ukraine while also urging a mobilization against the "unhealthy and dishonest establishment" responsible for involving America in unending wars and wreaking havoc within our country.

Trump's address served as a compelling affirmation of prioritizing America's interests and a crucial reassessment of NATO's objectives and pursuits. Additionally, he criticized Joe Biden's leadership, asserting, "We are now closer to World War III than ever before under Joe Biden." Trump's statements were a stark indication of the hazards of electing a leader who prioritizes the interests of globalists over the welfare and protection of the American populace.

Trump further emphasized that it is likely "ourselves and some of the terrible U.S.A.-loathing individuals who represent us" who bear responsibility for the current global state of affairs, reiterating the importance of eradicating our national borders, improving city policing, reestablishing the rule of law, and safeguarding our nuclear family and fertility rates. He also stressed the importance of opposing Marxism and its deceitful pledges of liberty and democracy, while confronting foreign nations that hold animosity towards the US.

The ex-president asserted that he is the sole individual capable of expelling the "unhealthy and deceitful" establishment. He ended his speech by stating that this establishment is causing more harm to America than Russia and China combined ever could. The colossal responsibility of removing this establishment will fall upon the succeeding president, and he affirmed that he is the only individual equipped with the necessary knowledge and capabilities to accomplish this task. He concluded by saying, "I am well-aware of what needs to be done."

Trump's statement served as a robust reminder of the reasons why conservative Republicans must persist in their battle against the globalist neo-con establishment. His plea for peace in Ukraine and dedication to prioritizing America exemplify his devotion to safeguarding our country from adversaries. It is our responsibility as conservative Republicans to guarantee that we elect a leader who will champion America and permanently terminate the globalist neo-con establishment.

Written by Staff Reports

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