New York Primaries Set Stage for Fierce Electoral Showdowns

The New York primaries on June 25 have all the makings of a political circus, featuring everything from progressives with dwindling support to Republicans eyed for potential turnovers by desperate Democrats. Prepping for one of the more entertaining battles is none other than “Squad” member Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), already in deep water thanks to his controversial stances.

Bowman, who has found himself in a real pickle over his affection for pro-Palestinian protests and calls for a Gaza ceasefire, is locked in an exceedingly tight race against Westchester County Executive George Latimer. Funny enough, Bowman’s views have driven Jews and their allies to back Latimer with hefty contributions, giving new meaning to “money talks.” Bowman’s votes against resolutions condemning college support for Hamas have not exactly warmed hearts either, making him a pariah among pro-Israel groups. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee alone has funneled nearly $2 million into Latimer’s coffers, hoping to show Bowman the door.

Adding to Bowman’s woes, GOPers haven’t forgotten his fire alarm antics in DC, just in time for a government shutdown vote. Progressive buddies didn’t help matters either; even former Rep. Mondaire Jones threw his support behind Latimer instead of the incumbent, sparking a progressive spat of epic proportions. Progressives, cue gasps, even lost their cool when Hillary Clinton swayed toward Latimer, turning the campaign trail into quite the soap opera.

But let’s not forget that this race is the most lucrative catfight of this cycle with an eye-popping $11.3 million lavished predominantly to dethrone Bowman. With a majority Jewish district, Bowman’s anti-Israel rhetoric has been his Achilles’ heel. He’s trailing Latimer by a whopping 17 points and other heavyweights still could tip the scale. Yes, you read it right, even ever-neutral Kathy Hochul might just play kingmaker here.

Switching gears to the queen of the socialist scene, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) finds herself up against Marty Dolan. This “moderate” investment banker is the new David taking a swipe at the Goliath of radical progressivism. Dolan, who is certainly leaning on conservative funders sick of AOC’s antics, is scratching his way into this battle. Conservative business groups have already shelled out thousands of dollars to highlight her failings, hoping to make her the “one-term wonder” instead of herself branding it on others.

However, with endless pocket change compared to Dolan’s piggy bank, AOC’s chances look strong. She’s avoided Dolan like a questionable vegan taco truck, refusing to debate him. Still, Dolan’s got little to lose while making AOC squirm under the spotlight.

Then there’s Brandon Williams (R-NY), squeezed into the twilight zone of redistricting that’s left Democrats salivating. Williams’ district now leans blue, and two eager Democrats are clawing at each other to take him down. Dems’ golden boy, state Sen. John Mannion, squares off against DeWitt Town Councilor Sarah Klee Hood. Voters are more worried about flipping the seat than the usual policy squabbles — a bitter pill as they brace to grab any scrap of control in Congress.

As the GOP’s roadmap to holding the House hits New York, don’t miss Claudia Tenney’s clash against Mario Fratto with establishment backing flowing her way. Fratto, unsuccessfully but persistently fighting the good conservative fight, is trying to throw another spanner in her works.

Finally, keep an eye on District 1, where Nick LaLota (R-NY) discovers his next campaign foe—either CNN’s John Avlon or previous contender Nancy Goroff will be chomping at the bit to unseat him. New York’s political theater promises drama, dollars, and decisive battles as both sides sharpen their knives for the November showdown.

Written by Staff Reports

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