Newsom: Biden’s Enforcer or Doomed 2028 Hopeful?

Democratic California governor Gavin Newsom has been making waves with his recent moves in national politics, leading many to wonder if he’s eyeing a future presidential campaign. Despite denials that he has any intention of running in 2024, Newsom has been aggressive in his defense of Joe Biden and has even proposed a constitutional amendment that would curtail gun rights. Newsom’s moves have earned him the title of “enforcer” among Biden’s camp, as he enables the President to stay above the fray of dirty political fights.

Newsom has earned his stripes as a Biden defender, groveling in a recent interview with Sean Hannity and calling the President a man of “decency and character.” He followed this up by welcoming Biden to California, going so far as to suggest that no president in modern American history has done more for climate change than Biden has.

Despite his apparent aspirations, Newsom may be biting off more than he can chew with a potential run against Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis in 2028. Newsom has emerged as a muscular defender of progressive orthodoxy, while DeSantis has become a champion of those opposing “wokeness.” If DeSantis’s popularity and Trump’s commanding lead in the Republican primary are any indication, Newsom may be setting himself up for failure.

Meanwhile, Biden’s re-election bid has been lackluster, with no strong alternatives emerging thus far. While Newsom has been suggested as a possible solution to the Democrats’ succession dilemma, the California governor has staunchly denied any intention of challenging Biden in 2024. Despite Biden’s lack of enthusiasm even among his own party, Democrats remain unfazed, considering Newsom an “enforcer” who can enable Biden to stay clean of dirty political fights.

In short, Gavin Newsom has been making waves in national politics, but it remains to be seen whether he has what it takes to secure a spot in the White House.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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