Nikki Haley’s Ties to Liberal Dark Money Exposed!

Nikki Haley’s New Hampshire campaign received a last-minute push from a group led by Never Trump advocate, Bill Kristol. The group, Defending Democracy Together, is backed by the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a major Democratic dark money network, which is pretty shady if you ask me. Federal Election Commission filings showed that the group has spent over $96,000 on pro-Haley ads and more than $448,500 bashing former President Donald Trump. Can you believe the nerve of these folks?

Kristol, who’s known for his anti-Trump rhetoric, founded Defending Democracy Together with a mission to protect America’s democratic values. Yeah right! But wait, it gets even juicier. The group received a whopping $10.8 million from the Sixteen Thirty Fund between 2020 and 2022, and that money, my friends, is managed by a liberal group called Arabella Advisors. It’s like a tangled web of dark money and sneaky political games.

To add more fuel to the fire, it was revealed by the Washington Examiner that Haley’s New Hampshire state director, Tyler Clark, actually lobbied for liberal groups, including the Sixteen Thirty Fund. Can you believe that? The same group that’s pouring money into pro-Haley ads was also supported by someone managing her campaign. Talk about a conflict of interest!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more fishy, a super PAC backing Haley pocketed a whopping $250,000 from Reid Hoffman, a major Democratic donor who allegedly visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island. All these connections point to Haley being more of an establishment figure than a true conservative. It’s like a soap opera, but with more sneaky political deals and shady backroom alliances.

But despite these blatant ties to liberal and dark money groups, Haley’s campaign has the audacity to claim that Defending Democracy Together is an independent outside group and has nothing to do with them. Really, Nikki? Are we supposed to believe that? And to top it all off, a recent poll showed Trump leading Haley in New Hampshire by a significant margin.

It’s all starting to make sense now, isn’t it? Haley may be parading around as a conservative, but her cozy relationships with liberal dark money networks and establishment figures reveal her true colors. And with Trump’s strong lead in the polls, it’s clear that the Republican base sees through Haley’s charade. The plot thickens, my friends. Stay tuned for more political drama in the next episode of “As the Swamp Turns.”

Written by Staff Reports

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