NJ Rep Sherrill Urges Biden to Step Aside for 2024 Race

Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill from New Jersey has thrown a curveball into the Democratic playbook by asking President Joe Biden to bow out of the 2024 presidential race. Just hours after a hush-hush Democratic powwow designed to discuss Biden’s viability and future strategy, Sherrill turned around and essentially told Biden to take one for the team. Apparently, the stakes are just too high to let Old Joe go up against the Big Bad Orange Man again.

Despite her praise for Biden’s work over the last three years, Sherrill suggested that if the Democrats hope to have a prayer at defeating Trump, Biden needs to step aside. This marks Sherrill as the seventh House Democrat who has hinted that maybe, just maybe, Grandpa Joe isn’t the knight in shining armor they need. Sherrill’s statement was dripping in niceties, praising Biden and his posse for their public service, but ended with a polite nudge towards the exit door. She wants Biden to declare he won’t run again and then help the party pick up the pieces and find someone who might stand a chance in 2024.

Sherrill is the first House Democrat to voice this opinion after the recent Democratic huddle session. During that meeting, Democratic lawmakers fretted over whether Biden could actually defeat Trump or survive a second term in office. Let’s face it, the cries for a new candidate weren’t just whispers — they were more like alarm bells. Many in Biden’s own party admit that the current president’s performance has been, to put it kindly, less than stellar. His televised bumbling during the first presidential debate and a string of amusing gaffes only added to the internal panic.

Now, with Democrats squabbling among themselves, there’s no consensus on what to do about Biden, but everyone agrees that time is running out. With the party’s nominating convention looming in August, a switcheroo at the top of the ticket is starting to look like a logistical nightmare. Pete Aguilar, House Democratic Caucus Chairman from California, acknowledged that the party’s mission is two-fold: keep Trump out of the Oval Office and regain control of the House.

When pressed about Biden’s ability to soothe voter concerns, Aguilar offered a lukewarm, we’ll-see approach. It’s like he’s waiting for Biden to pull off a miraculous comeback. Meanwhile, Biden is insistent he isn’t going anywhere. Blaming his lackluster debate showing on his jam-packed travel schedule, Biden joked that it would take an act of divinity to make him withdraw from the race.

While the Democrats dance around the issue and place their bets on a miracle, the rest of America watches in amusement. With so much at stake, the Party of Chaos had better get its act together, or they might find themselves overshadowed by Trump’s triumphant return.

Written by Staff Reports

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