No Games: GOP Rep. Lawler Backs McCarthy Amid Shutdown Crisis

Republican Rep. Mike Lawler has made it abundantly clear that he did not come to Congress to “play stupid games” that are “screwing the American people.” In a scathing criticism of his fellow House Republicans, Lawler, hailing from the great state of New York, berated those who have hesitated to pass a short-term spending deal, consequently causing a failure to agree on legislation to fund the government beyond September 30. Needless to say, tensions are running high as lawmakers have been sent home for now, but will return to the battlegrounds of Washington next week to resume the ongoing battle.

Lawler didn’t mince words when he spoke to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, exclaiming, “You’re not saving money in a shutdown.” He then went on to emphasize that shutting down the government would actually come with a hefty price tag, ultimately hurting the American people more than playing any sort of advantageous move. Additionally, he voiced concerns that this shutdown tactic was weakening the bargaining power of House Republicans and their fearless leader, Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Despite the struggles and roadblocks faced by McCarthy in getting Republicans on the same page, Lawler remains loyal and supportive of the speaker, praising his leadership and determination to serve the American people. Lawler believes that McCarthy is doing a “phenomenal” job, tirelessly fighting for the conference and working to fulfill the promises they made to the American voters. With the September 30 deadline steadily approaching, it remains to be seen whether the House can successfully pass the necessary spending bills and avoid a government shutdown. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates from the political rollercoaster of Congress.

Written by Staff Reports

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