Noem Eyes VP Slot, Pledges Ironclad Border Defense With Trump

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota has left the country buzzing with speculation over her potential as former President Donald Trump’s pick for vice president. During an interview with the ever-insightful Fox News host Lawrence Jones, Noem shared her five qualifications for the job and made it clear that she’s all in to help Trump secure another victory in November.

Noem’s name has been swirling around in the mix of possible contenders for Trump’s 2024 running mate. It’s quite the star-studded lineup, with the likes of Senator Tim Scott, Governor Ron DeSantis, the fearless Tulsi Gabbard, Representative Byron Donalds, and the accomplished Vivek Ramaswamy. But make no mistake, Noem is ready to step up and contribute to the team, offering a fresh perspective unencumbered by the swamp and delivering the strong leadership and decision-making skills that Trump needs by his side.

The governor emphasized the importance of having a VP who’s a savvy business owner, a true leader who takes charge when things get tough, and, most importantly, someone who will be a fierce fighter for Trump and his policies. Noem is wholeheartedly committed to supporting whoever Trump ultimately selects as his second-in-command, and she’s determined to continue championing and defending his vision for the country.

Noem has also been making waves with her bold and proactive stance on border security. With the Southern border facing unprecedented challenges, she took decisive action by deploying South Dakota National Guard troops to assist Texas in fortifying its border with Mexico. Not one to mince words, Noem called out President Biden for the border crisis, asserting that he could swiftly resolve the situation by reinstating the successful policies implemented by President Trump.

In a true display of leadership, she announced the deployment of an engineering unit from South Dakota, tasked with constructing crucial border infrastructure to combat the influx of nefarious actors crossing into the country. Noem’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding America’s borders was made crystal clear, as she detailed plans to send 60 soldiers to the southern border over a three-month period.

With her unwavering commitment to standing with Trump and her proactive approach to national security, Governor Kristi Noem is establishing herself as a formidable force to be reckoned with in the political arena. Stay tuned as this rising star continues to make her mark on the national stage, bolstering Trump’s team and defending America’s borders with unwavering resolve.

Written by Staff Reports

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