NPR revealed to be US State-affiliated media, funded with your tax dollars!

The biased media outlet, National Public Radio (NPR), recently gained a new badge on Twitter, much to the dismay of the liberal snowflakes who can’t handle a little bit of truth. The label on NPR’s Twitter account, now reads “US state-affiliated media.” Elon Musk shared this definition from Twitter’s Help Center, which seems pretty accurate given NPR’s blatant anti-conservative and unpatriotic programming. NPR receives taxpayer dollars and was established by an Act of the United States Congress, making it government-funded.

Despite receiving taxpayer dollars, liberals insist that NPR’s reporting is neutral, and ridiculously enough, probably still believe that the 2016 presidential election was stolen by Russia from dear old Hillary. But the dollar amount of taxpayer funds NPR receives is irrelevant when it comes to the fact that they are still government-funded. It is just another case of taxpayer dollars being funneled into the media outlet’s coffers through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

NPR’s President and CEO, John Lansing, responded to Twitter’s decision, stating that the company was “disturbed” by the label and insisting that NPR produces “independent, fact-based journalism.” However, anyone who has listened to NPR’s programming knows that there’s nothing independent or factual about it. The truth is that NPR operates as Democrat politicians’ mouthpiece, producing one-sided propaganda instead of actual journalism.

This is evident in its abysmal coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal and its framing of the Russia collusion hoax. A serious person can’t possibly argue that NPR isn’t operating as an arm of the administrative state and the Democrat Party.

Twitter’s decision to label NPR “US state-affiliated media” is an important step in acknowledging their blatant bias and their taxpayer-funded status. NPR’s “journalism” is not independent, it is part of the “vigorous, vibrant free press” that is killing democracy by pushing one-sided political propaganda.

Written by Staff Reports

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