NYC Mayor Pushes Citizens to House Migrants: Dems’ Insane Fix for Border Crisis?

D. Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, wants to pair up migrants who have been processed and freed with regular New Yorkers. This makes conservative New Yorkers very angry. Adams is suggesting that New Yorkers with extra rooms or empty homes open their doors to migrants. This is because the city still doesn't have enough space for the thousands of people who crossed the southern border illegally.

Adams's plan would help not only immigrants, but also regular New Yorkers who are having trouble making ends meet. He wants to "get over the 30-day rule and other rules the government has in place" to find a way to give these people a place to stay. Even better, he wants to put the $4.3 billion that New York City might have to spend on the problem "back in the pockets of everyday New Yorkers and everyday places of worship" instead of giving it to corporations, some of which are from outside the city.

It's crazy to think that letting immigrants live with hardworking Americans will solve the problem. Like many other American towns, New York City has already had trouble finding places for these people to stay. Adams has even thought about putting them in schools, but New Yorkers didn't like this idea, so it was thrown out. If hotels and shelters in the city don't have enough room for refugees, they should be sent back to where they came from. Why should regular people have to pay for the government's failure to keep our border rules in place?

Even Chicago has had trouble finding places for travelers to live. Some have even stayed in the police station. This is not a good idea and will only make things harder for taxes. Instead of putting Americans in danger, the government needs to get to the root of the problem and police our laws. The crazy idea from Mayor Adams is just one more example of the dangerous and risky policies that the extreme far left in America is pushing.

Written by Staff Reports

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