NYC Nightmare: Woke Laws Turn Big Apple into Squatters’ Paradise!

The once great city of New York, once bustling with opportunity and promise, is now a hellscape of crime, chaos, and freeloading squatters all thanks to the woke policies that have run amok. It’s like the wild, wild west out there, and not in a good way!

These poor, hardworking homeowners in New York City are being pushed to their financial breaking points, all while squatters take over their properties and live rent-free. Can you believe it? The nerve of these squatters! And get this, folks – a crazy law in New York City says that if these freeloaders squat in a home or apartment for just 30 days, they can claim squatter’s rights, even if they broke in without permission. It’s like the city is rewarding bad behavior!

The real victims here are the homeowners, who are stuck footing the bill for electricity and maintenance, while the squatters enjoy a free ride. These homeowners are basically being held hostage in their own properties, forced to keep paying for everything, even as the squatters live it up for free. One woman, Susan Mascara, is so deep in debt from paying for all the expenses while the squatters live the high life in her home that she’s maxed out her credit cards. It’s a travesty!

And it gets even worse, folks. Not only do these poor homeowners have to deal with the burden of the squatters, but President Joe Biden’s open border policies are making it even easier for illegal immigrants to take over homes and apartments. It’s an absolute disaster! Some of these illegal immigrant squatters have even been caught with guns and drugs, and some are even fugitives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Can you believe it? It’s a complete breakdown of law and order!

To add insult to injury, ICE arrested three of these squatters this week, with one suspected of attempted murder. Yet, one was still released, even after shooting another illegal immigrant in the leg during an argument. It’s a circus out there, folks, and it’s all thanks to the woke policies that have taken over the once-great city of New York. It’s time to put a stop to this madness and get things back on the right track!

Written by Staff Reports

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