NYC Protesters Deface War Memorial, Burn US Flag in Chaotic Rally

In a recent incident that took place in the Big Apple, New York City, a group of protesters made sure to turn heads for all the wrong reasons. These folks, flying the flag for the Palestinians, decided to cause a ruckus by draping a Palestinian flag over the 107th Infantry War Soldier Memorial. Yup, you heard that right! They even took it a step further by setting Old Glory, the good ol’ American flag, ablaze. The audacity!

Videos of the shenanigans were plastered all over the interwebs, showing a protester standing on the memorial like they owned the place while chanting slogans in favor of Palestine. The memorial was not spared either, with messages like “Gaza” and “Free Palestine” scribbled at its base. Well, isn’t that just peachy?

Meanwhile, as these protesters were busy stirring the pot, law enforcement officials from the New York Police Department were off trying to keep the peace around the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met Gala, a fancy shindig, was just around the corner, and the last thing they needed was a bunch of rowdy troublemakers causing chaos on their watch.

And speaking of chaos, it seems the protesters weren’t content with just the memorial stunt. No siree! They took their show on the road, parading around outside the Met Gala like they owned the place. Some even had the gall to remove police barricades, causing quite the commotion.

As the night wore on, things escalated further, with reports of around two dozen protesters getting themselves a one-way ticket to the slammer near Madison Avenue and East 83rd Street. The police had their hands full as a swarm of demonstrators from Hunter College made their way towards the Met, blocking traffic and causing a ruckus along Fifth Avenue. The cops finally put the kibosh on their little parade at the East 79th Street Transverse in Central Park. Phew, what a night!

Written by Staff Reports

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