NYPD Clears Columbia University; Mayor Aims to Curb Radical Influence

The NYPD recently took action at Columbia University, removing students and activists from Hamilton Hall and taking them to jail. This swift operation led by Mayor Eric Adams highlighted the global effort to radicalize students, a much-needed recognition of potential outside influences impacting our youth. From a conservative viewpoint, it’s crucial to maintain law and order on university campuses to protect academic integrity and ensure a safe learning environment.

Following the police intervention, some students have demanded exam cancellations and universal passing grades due to the perceived trauma caused. However, this request raises concerns about the resilience and preparedness of these students for future challenges in the legal profession. It is essential for law students to learn how to navigate stress and adversity, as the legal field is known for its high-pressure situations where there is no room for opting out.

George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley highlighted the importance of developing emotional resilience and adaptability in law students, emphasizing the need to confront difficulties rather than avoid them. This sentiment aligns with conservative values of personal responsibility and perseverance in the face of adversity. As future lawyers, students must demonstrate their ability to overcome challenges and fulfill their professional obligations, even amidst personal hardships.

The call for special accommodations and exemptions from exams due to emotional distress sets a concerning precedent for the resilience and fortitude expected from future legal professionals. It is essential for students to learn how to manage stress and adversity, as these skills are crucial for success in the legal field. By upholding academic standards and promoting emotional resilience, institutions like Columbia Law School can better prepare students for the rigors of legal practice and instill values of perseverance and determination.

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