Ohio Church-Run Preschool Faces Crisis as Longtime Teachers Resign

A group of teachers at a church-run preschool in Ohio made a big decision to quit their jobs. They said they were worried about how the church was handling their school’s money. The teachers had tried talking to the church about their concerns for many years, but they didn’t get clear answers.

The teachers, Wendy, Heather, Kerri, and Taylor, had all worked at the preschool for a long time. Wendy and Heather had been there for 18 years, Kerri for 9 years, and Taylor for 3 years. They were upset that the church didn’t tell them how much money the preschool had from fundraisers.

Parents whose children went to the preschool were surprised and sad about the teachers leaving. They felt like the teachers were like family. They worried about where to send their kids next. They said they were sad that the teachers had to leave because of problems with money.

Some parents said they were upset that money raised for the preschool might have been used for other church things. They wanted the school to be open and honest about its money. They were disappointed that the teachers had to leave because of this situation.

Now, the preschool has new teachers, and the church says it is ready to help parents and children. The teachers who left said they were sad about how things ended but were proud to have worked there.

Written by Staff Reports

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