Ohio Teacher Sues After Being FIRED For Using “Incorrect” Pronouns

A former teacher in Ohio has filed a lawsuit against her former school, claiming that she was forced out of her job due to her refusal to use "preferred pronouns."

According to a report by Fox News, the lawsuit was filed by an organization called Alliance Representing Freedom on behalf of former teacher Vivian Geraghty, who was fired from her job at the Jackson Memorial Middle School. The group claims that the school forced Geraghty and other teachers to participate in a "social transition," where students were reportedly transitioning to a different gender.

According to the lawsuit, Geraghty was removed from her job after she informed the school's principal about her religious beliefs against allowing students to engage in sexual activities. She was allegedly "ejected" two hours after she informed Kacy Carter about her concerns.

"The lawsuit claims that after learning that Geraghty had a religious basis for her opposition to the school's attempt to implement an orthodoxy, she was forced to resign. The school allegedly removed her from her position without any disruption in the regular school activities. The lawsuit also states that after she was notified about her concerns on August 26, she was suddenly removed from her job."

Geraghty approached Monica Myers, the school's director of assessment, instruction, and curriculum, to discuss her concerns. She was then told that she would have to put her religious beliefs aside in order to work as a public servant.

Logan Spena, an attorney with the Alliance Representing Freedom, stated that the school's actions were unconstitutional. He claimed that teachers cannot be forced to put their religious beliefs aside just to keep their jobs.

"According to Spena, the school was trying to force Geraghty to recite the school's viewpoint on certain issues, which goes to the foundation of human identity and morality, in order to force her to participate in the students' transition. The First Amendment prohibits the abuse of power."

The lawsuit claims that the school's actions violated the Fourteenth Amendment, the Civil Rights Act of 1871, and the First Amendment. A representative of the school noted that the district would continue to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all of its students. They also stated that they have engaged legal counsel to address the issue.

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