Oklahoma Lawmaker Gears Up to Topple McCarthy in Speaker Race!

In an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday, Representative Kevin Hern of Oklahoma revealed his interest in running for House Speaker, joining the race alongside fellow Republicans Steve Scalise of Louisiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio. Hern believes he can bring unity to the Republican Party, which has seen months of infighting between supporters of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his critics. Hern stated, “My name was brought up back in January, but it wasn’t the right time. Now, it’s time to look forward.”

During the process that involved multiple days and 15 ballots, Hern received nominations and votes from his fellow lawmakers. He emphasized the need for someone who can unite the party, pass appropriations bills, and curb spending to tackle issues important to Americans, such as controlling inflation and lowering gas prices. Hern criticized the current state of affairs in Congress, calling it a distraction for the American people who are eager to see real results.

When asked about what sets him apart from other candidates, Hern highlighted his extensive business experience and emphasized that he is not a career politician. He also mentioned that he has chaired the Republican Study Committee, which evaluates conservative policies that impact the American people. Hern stressed that if elected, he would prioritize spending and work towards a balanced budget in the next seven years, a feat he claims the conference has not achieved in his time in Congress.

Hern is one of three House Republicans to express interest in the House Speaker position following McCarthy’s departure. Scalise has garnered endorsements from Representatives Tom Emmer, Lisa McClain, and Tony Gonzales, while Jordan received endorsements from Representatives Matt Gaetz, Jim Banks, and Thomas Massie. Former President Donald Trump has also been mentioned as a potential interim speaker, with the support of Representatives Troy Nehls, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Greg Stuebe. It is anticipated that additional lawmakers will enter the race in the coming days. Well, look at that, the race for House Speaker is heating up, and Representative Kevin Hern is throwing his hat in the ring! He believes he can bring unity to the Republican Party after all the squabbling between Kevin McCarthy’s supporters and his critics. Hern’s got a point – it’s time to move forward and focus on delivering real results for the American people.

In a recent interview with Newsmax, Hern spoke confidently about his qualifications and priorities. First off, he’s not a career politician – he’s got decades of business experience under his belt. Plus, he’s been chairing the Republican Study Committee for the past nine months, evaluating conservative policies and figuring out what matters most to the American people. And what does matter? According to Hern, it’s curbing spending, tackling inflation, and lowering gas prices.

Hern wants to cut through the distractions in Congress and get down to business. He knows Americans are tired of empty promises and want to see tangible results. And if he’s elected as House Speaker, he intends to deliver. Hern talked about his success in crafting a budget that balanced in seven years, something the current Congress hasn’t achieved. It’s clear that Hern takes spending seriously and believes in fiscal responsibility.

But Hern isn’t the only one vying for the position. He’s up against Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan, both of whom have garnered endorsements from fellow Republicans. Former President Donald Trump has even been mentioned as a potential interim speaker. It looks like the race is on, and we can expect more contenders to join in soon.

As a conservative, it’s exciting to see Republicans stepping up to lead and bring unity to the party. Hern’s business experience and focus on spending control align with conservative values. Let’s hope the Republican Party can rally behind a strong, effective House Speaker who can deliver real results for the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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