Outrageous: Biden’s Shocking Advice to Terrorist Group Hamas

President Joe Biden's response to the news of the hospital bombing in the Gaza Strip by Hamas terrorists was somewhat insensitive. His remark, "learn how to shoot straight," may come across as inappropriate humor in the face of tragedy. It's worth noting that initially, some elements in the mainstream media rushed to blame Israel for the bombing before it was established that Hamas was responsible, fueling accusations of liberal bias and a rush to judgment without evidence.

Additionally, it's essential to consider the implication of Hamas "learning how to shoot straight." This would potentially mean improved targeting of Israeli civilians. Given that Hamas has a history of deliberately targeting innocent civilians, Biden's light-hearted comment raises concerns about his foreign policy approach.

Even more concerning is Rep. Rashida Tlaib's suggestion that Israel may have been responsible for the incident. This kind of accusation appears to align with her anti-Israel stance and seems disconnected from the reality of Israel's commitment to human rights. Accusing Israel of intentionally targeting a hospital full of children without evidence is unwarranted.

It's disheartening to witness instances where the Biden administration and some Democrats downplay the actions of Hamas while criticizing Israel. In times like these, we need leaders who stand firmly with our allies and unequivocally condemn terrorist organizations. Unfortunately, it seems that such leadership is currently lacking in the administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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