Over the Influx of Illegal Immigrants, Tensions Are Rising Between Homeland Security and the White House

Internal memos, first obtained by NBC News, reveal growing tensions between DHS and the White House about how to address the ongoing rise in illegal immigration to the United States. The problem is getting worse as the number of persons apprehended trying to reach the southern border rises daily.

The White House is refusing to set any standards about the procedure, and as a result, Republican leaders are transferring them to leftist-controlled states where some communities have been designated as sanctuary cities, leading to rising frustration. In an effort to solve the issue, DHS has proposed airlifting the people in question to Canada. Since the federal government is doing nothing, many DHS employees are looking to the states for direction.

The longer it takes President Biden and his cronies to formulate a plan to address the crisis, the more widespread it will become. The White House's lack of concern for the lawful residents of this area along the border is already well-documented. People living in these areas have had to contend with burglaries, water thefts, and looting. When there isn't sufficient evidence to press charges or conduct an investigation, these offenses are generally allowed to go unpunished.

DHS has recently proposed relocating many illegal immigrants to Los Angeles, where infrastructure for aiding their acculturation into American life already exists. This would assist communities like New York, Washington, DC, and now Martha's Vineyard, which have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities but lack the means to really deliver aid, to relax a bit. The Democratic leadership in these states was taken aback by the moves made by Republican governors in Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

Nearly 8,000 illegal immigrants are apprehended every day at the border, and there is a strong movement to disperse the problem across the country rather than address it there. Despite Biden's opposition during the campaign to building a wall or altering border procedures to treat illegal immigration as a more serious crime, he has since come around to seeing the light on the issue. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any significant momentum behind this discovery.

The situation will either come to a head soon unless Biden provides clear instructions and assists DHS in carrying out their duties, or else we will be left with a monumental problem that cannot be resolved. The Biden administration has reportedly established an internal trigger of 9,000 daily illegal immigrant arrivals.

The "internal processing" would start if this switch is tripped. To ease the burden on DHS personnel, illegal aliens would be transferred by plane or bus from border detention facilities to approved places further within the United States. In such cases, reuniting families is prioritized so that everyone can wait in peace for their immigration hearing.

Ironically, if DHS had additional personnel and resources, they could easily catch and detain 9,000 illegal immigrants each day. It's impossible to halt all of them when many border patrol agents are 1.5-4 hours away from backup or any kind of support.

The left's claim that DHS is employing brutal techniques in its arrests is, like all of the other propaganda they spew, a misrepresentation of the facts. Biden and his henchmen need to remove their rose-colored glasses and see things as they really are if they want to effect meaningful change.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American People Daily.

Written by Staff Reports

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