Palestinian Activist Exposes UN-Hamas Alliance, Shocks Libs with Unfiltered Truth

Bassam Eid, a brave Palestinian activist who lives in the West Bank, wrote an opinion piece for Newsweek that will make anti-Israel leftists go crazy. What's new, though? The liberal elite have always been weak against facts and the truth. When someone shows them real proof that goes against their twisted story, it's like watching their brains short-circuit. This kind of anti-Semitism hasn't been seen since Hitler came to power. It really makes me sick.

There are a lot of dangerous calls for killing all Jews on college campuses and in the streets. It is horrifying that college administrations and teachers either hide behind fear or support this hatred, which includes killing innocent Israeli men, women, and children. The Left says that Hamas's killings were either a legitimate response to so-called colonizers or, more neatly, they never happened at all. Both points of view are disgusting, but Bassam Eid knows the truth.

Since Hamas took over in 2006, Eid tells readers about all the bad things that have happened to the people of Gaza because of them. They looked at the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS and thought, "Let's take the worst parts of all of them and make one group!" At the same time that known terrorists work with the UN, they hold on to humanitarian help. There is no better place for people who want to cause more pain while hiding behind a fake veil of righteousness. It is only Hamas's fault that blood has been spilled in this war, and no amount of moral gymnastics can change that.

UNRWA, the UN organization that is supposed to help Palestinians, said that Hamas militants took fuel, medical supplies, and other things that were meant to help the people of Gaza. It sickens me that a group whose job it is to help people would work with people who have done horrible things. Don't worry, though; they erased their posts and changed what they said. It seems like they didn't want everyone to know the truth.

Hamas has always used its own people to further its own evil goals. They keep people in Gaza from running away to safety, using them as human shields. While they store weapons, the people of Gaza continue to be poor and without basic needs. It's not peace that Hamas wants; they want Gazans to die in a win against Israel based on lies. This is a sick and evil plan that will only help them keep spreading fear.

Let's not forget the terrible things that Hamas did. Over 1,400 Israelis were killed in horrible ways. 80% of the bodies had signs of rape and torture, and some of the victims were children. They hurt thousands more people and held them hostage in quiet Israeli neighborhoods that have nothing to do with the controversial settlements. Attacks that had nothing to do with each other have set peace attempts back decades. Now Hamas is putting its own people in great danger. It's hard to understand how anyone could back such a disgusting group.

It's important to see Hamas for what it is: a mix of the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS. They run a harsh Islamic dictatorship and kill LGBTQ+ people and anyone else who tries to live a different life. They often carry out suicide bombs, and they even carried out their own version of Israel's 9/11. They have no limits, just like ISIS. They use innocent people as human shields and hide their weapons in churches, hospitals, and schools. It's not a group fighting for freedom; it's a terrorist gang in charge.

Palestine's people in Gaza deserve to be freed from Hamas's control. A huge favor will be done for the people of Gaza if Israel can end the rule of this terrorist group. Now is the time to see through the propaganda and lies and stand up to those who back terrorists. As conservatives, we really want peace, fairness, and the freedom of people who are being abused.

It's crazy to think that Hamas has been in charge of Gaza for 17 years and hasn't made a single bomb shelter for the people who live there. Not a single one. It shows that their main goal is not the safety and well-being of their people, but the damage and violence that they cause.

Written by Staff Reports

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