Patriotism Foul: LSU Women’s Hoops Ditches Anthem Before Loss

In a shocking turn of events, the LSU women’s basketball team once again failed to show respect for our great nation by neglecting to be present for the Star-Spangled Banner before their Elite Eight showdown with Iowa. The Tigers suffered a devastating 94-87 loss, proving that skipping out on the national anthem might just be bad luck!

Coach Kim Mulkey had the audacity to offer up a feeble excuse, claiming that the team’s absence during the anthem was a simple mistake. She had the nerve to suggest that they have a routine for leaving the court before tip-off and that she didn’t even know when the anthem was going to play. What kind of explanation is that? It’s as flimsy as a wet paper bag in a windstorm.

Not surprisingly, Governor Jeff Landry didn’t take too kindly to Mulkey’s weak sauce excuse. He’s calling on Louisiana’s lawmakers to make sure that student-athletes in the state are required to be present for the national anthem. It’s about time someone took a stand for patriotism and respect for our nation’s flag! We can’t have our student-athletes gallivanting around and disrespecting the anthem willy-nilly. It’s just plain un-American!

And let’s not forget that the internet has been buzzing with videos and commentary about the LSU women’s basketball team’s disrespectful behavior. Social media is on fire, calling out the Tigers for their lack of respect. The evidence is clear, the people are speaking out, and it’s time for LSU to step up and show some respect for the red, white, and blue.

Coach Mulkey may try to spin a tale, but nobody is buying it. It’s time for the LSU women’s basketball team to own up to their disrespect and start showing some love for the good ol’ U.S. of A. Let’s hope Governor Landry’s push for statewide respect for the national anthem has an impact and sets a strong example for the entire country.

Written by Staff Reports

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