Pawn Star’s Rick Harrison Slams Border Crisis After Son’s Death

Rick Harrison, patriarch of the "Pawn Stars," is incoherently devastated by the news that Adam Harrison died of a fentanyl overdose. Attributing the crisis to the southern frontier of the United States, Harrison urged the Biden administration to "do better" and "take the fentanyl epidemic more seriously" in its efforts to contain its spread.

Although Harrison recognizes that the ultimate responsibility for deciding to use drugs lies with the individual, he is convinced that the Biden administration's deficiencies in border security are contributing to a catastrophic fentanyl epidemic across the nation. Harrison adds his voice to the increasing number of Americans who urge President Biden to fortify the southern frontier as a means to halt the influx of illegal substances into the nation.

In response to an emergency request from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds mobilized National Guard troops to fortify the Texas frontier, thereby emphasizing the critical nature of border security. Governor Reynolds underscored the critical nature of the mission, noting that Iowa, notwithstanding its considerable distance from the Texas border, was afflicted by a calamitous drug epidemic resulting from the illicit drugs' entry via the permeable southern border.

The predicament is additionally compounded by the concerning pattern of drug traffickers exploiting children and young adults with "rainbow fentanyl," which is fentanyl colored vividly. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has exhibited unwavering determination in its endeavor to eradicate the Mexican drug cartels that supply rainbow fentanyl into the United States and halt its trafficking. Notwithstanding their endeavors, fentanyl continues to inundate the nation.

The fentanyl crisis that ensued as a result of the Biden administration's lackadaisical border policies has far-reaching implications that impact the entire American population. Constant illicit drug trafficking and the introduction of unauthorized immigrants imperil public safety, deplete public resources, and threaten national security. In the absence of adequate border security, the United States would be unable to endure this daily onslaught. Preventing American lives requires urgent action in response to the crisis.

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